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Braden’s glasses came in the other day. Justin went with Braden and found a strap to keep them on his head a bit more securely. Braden keeps saying, “Look!” I’m sure it makes a huge difference for him. It’s a hefty prescription for such a little guy. We’re just happy he can see now!  Now the question, “How do we convince him to keep them on?” begs to be answered!


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  1. He’s adorable in glasses! And doesn’t he looked pleased with himself. 🙂

  2. He looks so cute! Good luck keeping them on- I know my parents had a horrible time with me. I got glasses at 3, they spent more time being thrown on the ground than they did on my face. At least they are much cuter now, and they don’t have to make them so heavy. 🙂

  3. He looks so proud of himself. And looks great!

  4. We made a BIG deal about Grace’s first pair of glasses. The first few weeks was a challenge to get her to keep them on all the time. But now, she wears them constantly without a problem. Once he realizes how they help him, he will be okay with them.

    ANd he is adorable in glasses!!!!

  5. He looks super-cute in his glasses!

  6. The first day our son got his glasses (age 7), and he could see the trees had individual leaves, not the green one piece blob he always saw, it was an amazing day for him. He never wanted to be without his glasses again. I am betting Braden does the same thing……besides he is a stylin dude with them 🙂

  7. He looks so adorable and so proud!!!!!

  8. No advice, but just wanted to say how beautiful he is!!!! Kiss that face for me, will ya? 🙂

  9. Louise Wildoner said:

    Braden’s smile is absolutely WONDERFUL! Adorable too….

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