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Denied Social Security Disability benefits today.  Despite A-T being a compassionate allowance disease, we don’t qualify.  If we were to take a very significant pay cut, then we would.  I guess when you have a program like social security that is on its last legs, it’s not surprising.  I think I just found another reason that social security seriously needs fixing.


Comments on: "Denied" (4)

  1. Here in PA we can get Medical Assistance that has a loophole for people who make money. We were able to get it for Builder Boy for his ODD, potential Aspberger’s, and speech issues. We went through our county…do you know if you have something like that?

  2. Get an attorney. I hear almost everyone gets denied the first time. Also, keep on social services about an amended adoption subsidy. Makes me so mad, but people like our kids’ bio parents don’t get denied.

  3. That’s unbelievable. I am so freaking sorry!

  4. Fuck. That bites. 😦

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