Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


Yesterday we strolled through a house made by Breland Homes. They have been very helpful in assisting us with the task of making our next home wheelchair accessible.  We went over additional costs, brainstormed the most aesthetic ways of making alterations, and general questions and areas of concern.  They were super helpful!  We look forward to being able to move into one of their homes.  Hopefully, our house will sell.  We need it to sell.  I want a house that my child loves, one that he will be able to enjoy.  Hopefully soon.

I also got a phone call from a friend of mine who happens to be a pediatric ICU nurse (hi J!)  I want to thank her for her support, and for making Mic-Key G-Tube button seem just a little bit less scary.  I’m much more confident that when the time rolls around that we need one, that I will be able to handle it.  Not that I am the least bit excited that my child should ever be in a position of needing such a device, but I’m thankful that such a thing exists at all.  I’m positive it has helped countless people.  Perhaps one day feeding our son won’t be a fight.  One day he might eat out of pleasure again.  Only time will tell.

We also are beyond thankful for the generosity of Dove Wedding Photography.  The amazing photographer Whitney has offered to give Braden and our family a photo shoot.  Her kindness brought tears to my eyes.  When the world seems to focus on all that is wrong, all the ugly humanity can create, it’s nice to remember the good and the thoughtfulness that they posses too.  Although, I already thought Whitney to be a nice person, now she is simply amazing!  One day when I no longer can hold my son, I will have her photos to remind me of him.  If you are in need of a photographer for any occasion, please think of her.  She has some serious talent!

There have been other amazing people we have spoken to this week, and I thank each and every one of them for listening, caring, and supporting us.  We are a team…Team Winks.  It’s really going to take a village.

We are looking into creating a foundation, but don’t know how to do so.  Anybody know how to start?


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