Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


As you know, Braden got to go on a cruise this week.  It’s not a very long one, but the little guy really needed a break from the doctors and stress that’s infested this house.  We are thankful to my parents who let him have this opportunity.  My mom called today to say that Braden is having a lot of fun!  He has really enjoy Camp Carnival.  My mom also noted that Braden has a special needs bracelet marked in red.  It lets everybody know that he requires special assistance.  On one hand, this makes me so thankful.  The staff, especially at camp, know that he needs help using the facilities, eating, and some other basics.  They are also aware that if his physical abilities deteriorate (as they often do when he’s tired) to call my parents to come and get him.  The “special needs” status is there to help both the staff and my little love bug.  It’s a good thing.  Yet, my poor heart still sunk.  The scarlet letter…in this case, band…is branded to my baby. I’m working my way to acceptance…really…I am.

I’m thankful that he will get the extra assistance and still get to have some fun.  We had no idea that Carnival even did that.  Braden loves the big boat!  Perhaps it’s because he gets to eat ice cream every day!  I can’t say I blame him.  I love the big boat too.


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