Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Donation Account

Today I set up a donation account in Braden’s name.  I swear my stomach was in my throat as I explained to the very nice woman at our bank why.  When you say it out loud, it gets so much more real.  It’s one thing to know your child has this, but it’s another to say it.  We can get swept up in the day to day struggles, hugs, and kisses.  However, explaining it and saying it out loud is like hitting a giant pause button.  A spring that bounces you back to reality.

We deposited our very first donation with that check.  I cried big ol’ crocodile tears of gratitude when my mom handed me the check from one of her amazing neighbors.  Their generosity astounds me.  I had Braden paint them a picture today, and will hand deliver it to them this weekend.  I hope they truly know how much this means to us.

To any of you who have helped us named or anonymously, thank you from the very bottom of our heart.  It’s humbling to be brought to your knees.  Again, thank you!

The donation account is set up in the name of Braden Winks at Redstone Federal Credit Union.  Donations may be made at any location, and all donations will be used only for the purpose of assisting Braden.


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