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Playing in the Yard

Braden played in the backyard this evening with us. We had a blast kicking the ball around. Genevieve (his little sister) enjoyed swinging and watching us all play. I post the video, so you can see where we are at the moment. I would consider Braden’s legs mildly tired at this point. Although, they are getting a bit tired, and they do give out on him once in this short video. You can see he just kind of falls. He didn’t trip. This happens several times a day. Besides his method of walking, you will notice he’s out of breath when he makes it to the camera. This is common. He gets winded very easily. We’re hoping to learn more about the cause of this when we head to Baltimore to Johns Hopkins.

Today was a roller coaster. After playing outside, Braden informed me that his legs “are broken.” It broke my heart. I think he said this, because he got really tired and fell down repeatedly. After three falls in two minutes, Justin scooped him up and they started walking around the yard talking about “guy stuff.” Of course, a few minutes later, Braden made me laugh hysterically. Also on the break my heart list, Braden’s reaction when we walked into social services today. We went to visit Braden’s old case worker and adoption worker. He thought we were at a doctor’s office, and he was holding my mother’s neck so tight that I thought she might not be able to breathe! He was terrified. A-T has taken a serious toll on Braden.

The reporter today (whom was really nice,) asked me if I wanted Braden referred to as my adoptive son or just son. I appreciate the question, she was being respectful of our wishes. However, he’s simply, our son. This child could not be any more like me if he tried. Case in point, he spent fifteen minutes taking pictures of Justin and me this evening. He kept telling us to say “Cheese!” He snapped at least thirty pictures, before telling us he was done. Some are kind of cute. I’ll have to put one up. Braden and his mommy are not easily separated from their camera! I love that little man!


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