Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


A huge thank you to the wonderful Nashville Zoo for their kindness yesterday.  We had no idea what to expect when they said they had a surprise for us.  With all the anxiety that’s been floating around this house, it was nice to replace it with pure excitement!  We all filed into the golf cart that took us to the behind the scenes area of the zoo.  We all know my love affair with animals, and Braden shares that with me.  So it was really interesting for us to see.  I’m always discussing how I believe the Nashville Zoo to have a more animal friendly environment than many other zoos in the region, and now I can say they are the friendliest too!  When we pulled up to the giraffe house, we knew that we were about to up the fun factor!

We got to see the enormous giraffe doors, special flooring, and tools used in the care of the giraffes.  We loaded up with carrots and lettuce, and then set off on the adventure of feeding our new long-necked friend.  At first Braden was nervous, but he quickly made friends.  All the time our friends over at Dove Wedding Photography (don’t let the name fool you, they do more than just weddings!), who had graciously volunteered their time, snapped away!  The giraffe showed us his long tongue, copious amounts of drool, and even gave little nudges with his not so little head!  I have never been nose to nose with a giraffe, nor will I ever probably have the opportunity to again.  It was an amazing and unforgettable experience!    I think we all had an absolutely amazing time!

After our quality time with the giraffe, we set out to explore more of the zoo.  I can’t wait to see the pictures of Braden running and giggling!  The moment filled me with such happiness.  There is not much I love more than seeing my children smile and laugh.  Although, I have to admit that a very small part of me was tinged with sadness.  It’s so unfair that this one simple pleasure will be taken away.  It’s a good thing I have been told that life isn’t fair since I was a little girl.  I just wish it wasn’t so true.  Please don’t think that the sadness consumed the moment though.  I can’t wait to see Braden’s happy smiling spirit shine through in print!  I am so thankful to Whitney for all that she did for us yesterday.  I hope she knows just how much we appreciate it!  We will now not only have the memories that will last a lifetime, but gorgeous photographs too!  The pictures will be available in about three weeks, and I promise to share them with you all.

If there is one thing I learned from yesterday and from Braden’s condition, it’s that life is too short for you to sit around and wait for it to happen.  You need to dream, dream big even.  However, you can’t just wait for those dreams to happen.  You need to actively seek them out, to make them a reality.  That’s my new goal, to make Braden’s dreams a reality.  Given his love affair with trains, boats, and planes, and all things that go, that’s where I’ll start.  Perhaps I can get him a ride on a really neat train.  Knowing my little guy, he’d probably want to drive!  Hard to blame him.  Trains are pretty cool!  So, remember this my friends, life is a gift not a given.  Don’t sit back and wait for your life to happen to you.


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  1. Sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see some of the shots.

  2. I’m so glad you had such a wonderful time and got to watch your kids have fun. I can’t wait to see the photos. This post almost made me cry (probably would have if I wasn’t at work). I hate that it takes something like this to make me realize I’m not living life to the fullest. Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

  3. Well said. As I when in the hospital with stitches for Nick, even though in the ER, I was grateful for the bonding time we had together. Forgot how peaceful it was having him sleeping in my arms. Time with your children is such a gift, and Princess taught me that. I regreat so many things I didn’t get a chance to do with her and trying to treasure with my others.

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