Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Three Things

First, I’ve created a site where you can easily go and click through family photos.  This is easier for me than continually putting up pictures here.  So, please feel free to click over and sneak a peek.  It has a calendar where important dates are noted, a forum where we can gather and chat, videos, and more.  Hope to see you there, and please take a moment to sign the guest book!

We also have a picture of Braden’s new set of wheels up on that site!

Third, here’s another Braden video.  Also up on the previous site too.  It’s of our two adorable kids playing in the sandbox and their grandparents’ house.  I show you this to show you just how hard our little man is working to make his body work.  He sat on the side of the sandbox in his own way, where he thought he would have the most support.  He’s not fond of the texture of sand, and that didn’t help a whole lot.  It’s tough to watch him struggle to get back in the sandbox.  However, always the trooper, he does it!


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