Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


The other day we went to the doctor’s office three times and had Braden’s special education evaluation completed.  It was a tough day.  We packed two diaper bags, one for each child.  Then, had a bag for spare clothes, a snack bag, and each child had toys.  We had a schedule that went from 9 am to 5 pm.  It was a very looooong day.

Braden did well with the wonderful ladies that came out from the county.  I think he was bored and tired of answering so many questions.  Near the end, we knew he knew the answers but was more interested in climbing all over us and trying to run away.  In short, being a typical new three-year old.  Regardless, we got the job done, and swiftly headed out the door to our next appointment.  Thankfully, Braden got a break as it was his sister’s appointment.  We returned again for his sister later in the day.

Then, we went off to the pediatric gastroenterologist.  The purpose was to discuss Braden’s relationship with food and to follow-up on a previous appointment we had there ages ago.  We left with a nasty acid reflux diagnosis, and some Prevacid.  So, we’re hoping this might help quell the daily “My belly hurts!” decrees.  Fingers crossed!  Perhaps the reflux is causing him pain.  If food gives you pain, why eat it?  Reflux is nothing new to Braden.  He had is so bad when he was a baby that he would spit up, aspirate it, and then quit breathing multiple times a day.  None of the medications would help.  We’re hoping that now that he’s older, we might have some success.

The past few days Braden has been so exhausted he’s been crashing at 7:30.  This is wonderful!  He usually has a very very difficult time sleeping at night, and it can be as late as 11 pm before he crashes.  We are unsure why it’s so hard for him to fall asleep, and we have no clue why he’s been falling asleep so early these past few days.  One minute he’s wide awake and relaxing with us, and the next thing we know he’s sound asleep!  I’ll guess we’ll see where that goes!

As always, one day at a time.


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