Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Today I went jogging, attempting to prepare to jog the 5k at Disney World in January as a member of the A-T Cure Team Braden. I made it two miles, one pushing Braden in his new wheels.  I let him start off by running next to  me.  He made it for about twenty seconds.  Then, he walked for about a minute.  Then, he rode the rest of the way.  Only once did he try to get out and walk, but he looked at me and said, “Ride now.”  The little guy was just plain exhausted.  As I pushed him, I thought of how it didn’t matter if I really didn’t feel like jogging.  It didn’t matter if I was tired, hot, and sweaty.  There was a reason I was out there in the 80 something degree heat jogging.  He is my son, and I will fight right along side him, even if that means pushing him as he leisurely drinks his water while I huff and puff along.  We’re going to fight like crazy together!


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