Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


A while back a national magazine published an article with different situations and people explaining what it feels like to be in them.  For example, what it feels like to actually have a heart attack, cancer, be infertile, etc.  I absolutely loved the piece!  I think that we, as humans, are often really curious about things that we are unfamiliar with.  I would love to peek into the world of a member of the royal family’s typical day, to know what it’s actually like to be a working mother, or to be an Olympic athlete.  So, I consider this blog your glimpse into our little world.

Today I was sitting on the couch watching Braden run from our living room, through the kitchen, eat-in kitchen, and back to the living room.  His sister stood in the living room giggling and clapping as he ran by.  I sat on the couch in amusement and relaxing after just finishing eating dinner.  In an instant, the scene went from happy It intrigues me that we live in a time where people are obsessed with both their privacy and social networking simultaneously go lucky to uh oh.  Braden stopped on a dime, and he had that look in his face.  It’s a look that we know well.  It’s a look that he gives that signals to us that there is trouble ahead.  Those of us close to him know it’s his volcano look, as he’s about to erupt.  Braden often chokes on his own saliva, and he often gags on food.  He also happens to have some serious acid reflux.  If you combine all three and it spells trouble.  Have you ever had a cat?  Know when they have a hairball?  It’s that tell-tale sound that let’s you know this isn’t just gagging, but there is going to be something at the end of it all.  I will say that our family has some awesome reflexes.  We learned fast when Braden was only an infant how to recognize the signs and to move quick.  It was either that or change clothes several times a day.  Next thing we knew, we had a scared Braden and guacamole all over the living room floor.  It ended with us cleaning him up, kisses, hugs, and “Why don’t you go play with….”  Otherwise stated, we quickly cleaned  and went back about our business.  It’s just another typical day, and a shout out to the glory of having professionally Scotchgarded carpets!


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