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Braden fell through a glass door today.  It was the door to our media cabinet.  Braden was looking for a book, and his ataxia got the best of him.  He fell forward, pushing the door the wrong direction.  Like a gunshot, the glass shattered with a big bang.  Braden fell through the breaking glass.  Thank goodness, that Justin and I were in the room.  Quicker than you can blink, he grabbed Braden and launched him out of harms way, shielding him in the process.  I was sitting near Genevieve, and quickly jumped off our bed snagging her tiny self out of harm’s way. 

We were so thankful that we were all in the room together, or Braden’s injuries would have been worse.  Genevieve no doubt would have crawled through the shattered glass that  covered our bedroom.  Braden has two pretty good slashes on his arm, but not bad enough to require stitches.  He also has two small cuts on his right arm.  He has one on his right knee.  It took quite some time for things to settle down after this. 

A lesson was learned today.  Glass anything in our house is dangerous with a child whose legs aren’t stable.  It was bad enough that he fell off his toy box while getting a pair of underwear out of his dresser.  However, falling through a glass door, far worse.  End result, no more glass things that may hurt my children.


Comments on: "Ataxia" (2)

  1. My BIL tripped on the stairs while carrying my 18 month old niece. He fell down the first half, onto the landing, right into a hanging glass framed painting. He ended up severing a nerve in his arm and she had a large gash in her forhead that requited 20+ stitches. Three years later, she still has a large scar from it.

    Neeless to say, glass anything is now a taboo in our family. I’m terrified of it. There’s only one painting in our house that has glass and I’m often checking it to make sure it’s still stable and secure.

    I’m sorry you had to go through that!

  2. scarredbellybutton said:

    How scary for you! DP and I have both fallen through glass shower screens. She has MS. I was a day or two post-laparoscopy.

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