Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


Just needed some happy.  Braden has had a fever on and off for the past 24 hours with no known cause.  Things like this make us worry a little.  So, instead of worrying, I’m laughing at videos like this one.  Enjoy!


Comments on: "Splash!" (5)

  1. I love his sweet voice. He is so cute. I hope that he feels better soon. HUGS to you.
    PS: thanks you for the lovely note n the mail. It was such i sweet surprise. I can’t believe that a busy woman like yourself would find the time to write me. Thanks for making me feel special ina day that I Really needed it You are the best

  2. Hope he’s feeling better today.

  3. We’ve just got past the 24 hour fever here too. Weird.

    Hope he’s better now!

  4. Too funny! 🙂

  5. “i didn’t see that coming” CLASSIC 🙂

    My boys all LOVED playing with water. L Tykes didn’t have that cool boat then though……mine were stuck with bathroom sinks…lol.

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