Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Keeping Busy

We are simply waiting to hear back from the immunologist.  However, we are more than keeping busy.  Normal life has had us playing in my parents’ swimming pool, going to the botanical gardens, and doing the everyday things. 

We’ve been fighting like mad to get Braden on a different reflux medication.  The one he is on now requires me to break apart the gel cap, pour half the tiny balls (that don’t crush or dissolve) on to food twice daily.  Not so great when you have a child with food issues.  The only other option according to our insurance was to give him a tablet he could not chew and had to swallow.  Awesome.  How is a three-year old, much less one with swallowing issues as it is, going to accomplish that?  Uggghh.  Thanks to a high-ranking official at my husband’s work, whom I am so very very thankful for, it was finally approved that he may get the dissolvable tablets.  It makes such a HUGE difference in our world.  We were struggling to get him to take his meds before, and now that’s one less battle.  I am beyond thankful.

Some fabulous folks at Norwegian Cruise Lines have assisted (along with my parents) in helping us go on a vacation.  After the insanity of the past few months, I’m so excited to see Braden (and the rest of us) have some fun.  We didn’t know we were going to get to go until Wednesday night, and we leave tomorrow for Florida.  Eeek!  That means there is a whole lot of packing to be done!

Only a few short days after we return, probably the minute we finish all that laundry, we turn around and head to Missouri for a family reunion! Busy, busy, busy!


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