Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Braden is not going to like it, but we need to get him some additional vaccines this week.  I feel bad for the little man, but almost as bad as I do for myself.  Justin will be gone on a business trip, and I will be the one to handle the fever and icky fallout by myself.  Not my idea of a good time.  Just some more motherhood stripes to earn, right? 

We have been testing the speech application for the iphone, and it appears that Braden is doing a good job using it.  So, we think we are going to get him an ipad.  A remarkable savings over other products out there.  I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get it sooner rather than later. 

Preschool starts in less than three weeks!  Where is the summer going?  Wow!


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