Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


First, I would like to say that I lost ALL of my contacts when my cell phone died during a family reunion.  So, I have no way of contacting so many of you!  Please email me your cell numbers at  Thank you all so much!

It appears that preschool starts in less than three weeks!  Eeek!  I’m not ready!  I am certain that it will be a wonderful experience for Braden though.  I have to admit that I am secretly holding my breath and trying not to worry that he will get sick too frequently.  I know that he will get sick as all children get sick when they start school.  I just hope that he will not be sick continuously, considering his low red and white blood cell along with platelet counts.  Only time will tell, eh?  Now, how on Earth to get back in touch with his preschool teacher, as her number was lost too!

It has been a touch week for many A-T families out there, and my heart breaks for so many of them.  I wish I had more to give them other than my ear and shoulder.  I wish I could give them time, health, and laughter.  To my extended A-T family, I am always available 24/7 to listen, rain or shine.

I have spoken with my accountant today about starting a foundation.  It’s in the early stages, but I will be sure to keep you updated as it begins to take shape. I’m excited about the possibilities!


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  1. How about offering/suggesting that the little kiddos use hand wipes or sanitizer a few times through the day?

    I know it sounds silly, but it can make a HUGE difference and I bet the other parents would all be on board with each kid providing a container at the beginning of the year.

    When my boys all entered school, each parent had to send in a box of kleenex, pencils etc.

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