Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Let’s Get Going!

Did I mention that I ran 3.4 miles the other day?  I sure did!  Those of you who know me, know that running has never really been something I enjoy.  However, I have found that while training for the Walt Disney World Family 5K, I have come to love it.  Yes, I just admitted that publicly! Wow!  Look how far I have come!  Perhaps it’s that it gives me an outlet to channel my frustrations and focus on something healthy.

We ask you to please help us reach our goal of $1,200 to cover the costs of running the 5k in January.  The money goes towards finding a cure for A-T.  Donation may be made online through the site, a check may be mailed to me (then I will send it in to The A-T Children’s Project, or by donating into Braden’s donation account.  All donations made in the next month in his account, will go towards racing for a cure.)

Please visit our fund-raising website over here!

We will be taking some new Braden videos this weekend.  Look for them soon!


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