Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


We are all adjusting to Braden’s new schedule.  We got our first bug.  We have all shared it back and forth, and I’m hoping we are all on the mend now.  Whew! 

Braden is enjoying his school.  He begs not to have to go every time, but the minute we pull up he exclaims, “Bye Mom!  I love you!”  He has really enjoys getting to play with the other children, and has the cutest stories to tell us when he comes home.  Unfortunately school wipes him out physically.  However, after a bit of resting, he’s ready to go again. 

We got Braden an ipad, and he’s making big strides with the speech program.  Yesterday, he was playing a game while we were picking up the living room.  From out of nowhere we hear, “Hi.  My name is Braden.  I want chocolate milk please.”  We look at him, and ask if he really did want chocolate milk, and he hit the “yes” button.  Wow!!!  He really is such an awesome little guy!


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  1. Oh that is such a brilliant use of technology – by all of you!!!

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