Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


We have good days, and we have bad days.  Yesterday, Braden’s legs were toasted by the time we hit the evening.  He looked at us with soulful eyes and said, “Me no walk.  My legs hurk.”  That’s exactly how his speech sounds.  So, we carried him.  That’s how our life is.  When his pain is too much to carry, we carry him.  If only we could take the pain away.  *sigh*


Comments on: "Legs" (3)

  1. “…When his pain is too much to carry, we carry him.”

    For some reason it struck me that that’s exactly what God does for us.

    (Apologies for the anonymity… I’m an IA nerd that sits 1 door over from Justin.)

  2. I think of you often and this burden of a disease that you and your family have to deal with. Your heart must hurt a lot of the time, but you carry on and do right by your son!

  3. I lost this link to B’s page and just today found it again. This post especially made me tear up. And also feel such pride in you. B is so lucky to have you as his Mom. He couldn’t have had anyone else. No one could love him like you. And thats NOT becuase of A-T or because he isn’t loveable…heck I already love that little man!! But because no one could love him as much as his true mom. You were meant to be his mom, there couldn’t have been anyone else…its impossible.

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