Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


Have you ever had to force your child’s foot straight to get it in a shoe?  Then, have you had to watch that same foot turn in so severely that he tripped over his feet every few feet?  No?  Let me tell you what it feels like.  It’s an emotion that starts low in your heart, spreading a creeping sprawl of sadness that you will not soon forget.  It then travels North where tears begin to well behind bright and cheery eyes.  Then continues on course where fear creeps into your mind that perhaps this isn’t a bad week but the new normal.  With a big swallow and an ounce of determination to not get down, I stood up and said, “Ok, big man!  You are about to have a super fun day at school!  Let’s do it!”  My goal in life is to teach him that these obstacles that elicit so much anxiety and fear in me, do not creep into his sense of self.

I can do this.  I think I can.  No, I know I can.


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  1. Hugs. Huge hugs for you.

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