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The time has come for me to think about getting my little man a bed that he can get in and out of a bit more easily.  His bed right now requires him to climb up to get into.  Any suggestions out there?


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  1. I’m not sure if you have one by you but Ikea has beds that are pretty low to the ground.

  2. What about a fun racecar before or something like that? They are about a foot and a half high so I don’t know if its too high to move “easily” into but they’re fun for kids. Otherwise as the above poster said, Ikea has some I think. And they do ship…

  3. When my guys were little (climbing out of cribs, but too little for high twin sized beds), we put the box spring and mattress on the floor with the top and one side pushed up against the walls..then lined them with their stuffed friends.

    Another option is an trundle bed. The one mattress rolls underneath the high mattress and pulls out for use, but rolls right away in the morning for more floor space for play. We had one for years when two of the boys shared a room and they loved it. It is only the mattress height off the ground as the mattress actually nests inside the trundle “box”.

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