Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

The past week has been a tough one, with Braden’s acid reflux.  The pediatric gastroenterologist has decided to double his current dosage of medication.  We’re hoping this will help the little guy’s tummy troubles.  Today was so severe that he ended up vomiting all over himself, his clothes, and his car seat.  It was awful.  Some rubber gloves, a bag full of dirty clothes and paper towels, and wash cloths, a bit of soothing, and everything sorted itself out.  Thanks Mom for keeping things light and “no big deal.” If his reflux doesn’t improve in two weeks, we have to seriously consider a fundoplication surgery.  Something none of us really want to see happen, but if it improves Braden’s quality of life, then we’ll embrace it.  Plainly put, surgery is scary and it’s my baby.  So, here’s to hoping the meds do their trick.

Braden was annoyed and beside himself though when only 30 minutes later he fell in the parking lot skinning his knee.  No worries nothing a little ice cream couldn’t heal!


Comments on: "You Shake My Nerves, and You Rattle My Brain." (1)

  1. Teri Little said:


    Elizabeth had the surgery when she was six months old…that was almost 25 years ago. It made a huge difference in her life.

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