Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Man Overboard!

The sheets were flying, the laughter was at high volume, and our bed was not just merely a bed but a vessel sailing in pirate infested waters during a tumultuous storm raging at sea!  Our imaginations were hard at work last night, as we pretended to take cover below deck “under the sheets” with Braden.  It was then that “Daddy Ghost” (Justin’s pirate name,) snuck up and snatched Braden’s legs.  Off went Braden sailing through the sheets to the sea below.  “Man overboard!” yelled his pirate mom.  Carefully I lowered the rope, pulling my shipmate back to safety.  Only to have to the sea start tossing us from side to side as our boat pitched and rolled.  Unfortunately, the motion caused “sea sickness” (acid reflux) to cause our wee mutineer to gag and nearly vomit.  We then informed the seas to calm down, and continued to steer our boat to safety.  It was a pirate adventure for us last night!

Those moments late in the evening just before bed time are my absolute favorite.  At about seven, Justin, Braden, and I gather in our bedroom and hang out together.  We may read, watch some tv, go on a pirate adventure,  or just plain talk about our day.  Regardless, we are together and happy.  I’m always reminded just how good our life is, how thankful I am to simply be able to hold, hug, and laugh with our son.  It’s a priceless gift, life is. 

Hope your seas are calm and your day filled with chanties and laughter!


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