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We operate in fuzzy parenting mode over here. We strive for consistency, but how can one remain consistent when you can’t really figure out what’s going on?  It’s all just…fuzzy.  We noticed a while ago that Eve starts screeching when Braden heads towards her.  She’s preempting his collide with her.  A warning whistle of sorts.  She also holds her hands out as if erecting a buffer around her tiny self.  There are times it appears that his breaks simply don’t get the job done, and a collision becomes imminent.  Then there are times when we think he does it for sport.  Then, there are those fuzzy times where we wonder if he can actually see her. 


We had his eyes tested about six months ago, and it was clear he had astigmatism in both of his eyes.  However, past that his prescription was unclear. He couldn’t sit still enough to be tested on the machines.  He couldn’t tell the tester whether he was looking at a house or a star.  So, it’s not really clear whether his glasses are helping all that much.  Not to mention his refusal to wear them.  We haven’t pushed the issue much, since we aren’t clear whether the prescription is even accurate.  He’s been putting them on and off a lot more lately.  I think I’m going to have to try to get him tested again, but somewhere that specializes in pediatrics.  I’m hoping such a place exists, seeing as I haven’t researched it.  If it does, trust I will find it.

So, here we are scratching our heads wondering  just what to do about our fuzzy issue.  I reminded Braden for about the millionth time  yesterday that running into people wasn’t nice, and that he needed to put more space between him and other people.  After repeating that again to him, he threw his hands up at me in a stop motion.  His fingers spread, face all wrinkled, eyes serious, he said, “I know!  I know!  I got it!”  He wasn’t being rude or stubborn.  It was a “Plese Mom, I’m trying here,” moment.  It was then, that I started to seriously wonder if he just can’t see his tiny little sister until he is nearly on top of her.  Could she just be a fuzzy blur to him? 

As it stands, he puts books and everything else right up to the tip of his nose.  It’s clear he can’t see well.  Now,  how to fix our fuzzy fuzzy situation….

While we are at it, can the obnoxious cold he has had for nearly SIX WEEKS go away now?  He has been on antibiotics for a double ear infection for two weeks, and tomorrow is his last day of meds.  Yet, we are still fighting this cold.  He can’t shake it, and that worries me.  He’s still coughing and has a runny nose.  I should have bought stock in tissues.  Call into the pediatrician today to ask what’s next, if anything.  Also to see if he can still get his scheduled flu shot tomorrow. 

Just another day in paradise over here.  🙂  We’ve added a bunch of family pictures.  Find them by looking up there at the top of the page on the tab heading you over to them.  Enjoy!

Becky Winks, the luckiest mom in the world.


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