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Thank You

A very kind and generous thank you to Sharon and Randy who made Braden’s day just a bit more special.  While I was not there to personally witness your kindness and generosity, I know that my son greeted me with a big grin and an “All Aboard!” upon my arrival home.  There he was in his favorite train sweater, big smile, and sporting his new engineer hat.  He was so happy and excited! 

Kindness such as yours helps us push through days when we encounter less accepting people.  So, I thank you.  Perhaps some day, I will thank you in person. 

Many thanks again,


Better Known As:  Braden’s Mom


Comments on: "Thank You" (2)

  1. Sharon Carswell said:

    You have a beautiful little boy that is as sweet as he is beautiful. Randy and I enjoyed him so much. For him to be just 4 he was such a smart little guy. God Bless you and your family.

    • Thank you. He was really so excited, and he’s still sporting the hat around the house. It makes me laugh and smile each time!

      Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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