Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Now that was fun.

Thankfully we are now past what occurred.  Braden brought home some nasty stomach virus from somewhere.  It lead to a whole lot of vomit and other nasty bodily fluids.  Then, he decided to share it with the rest of us.  That’s typically how it goes.  It was several days of nasty around here though.  The weather cooperated, and I was able to at least air the house out a bit afterwards.  Thank goodness!

We went to the new park in our area geared towards kids with special needs.  I am beyond thankful for its simple existence, because in the future it may be our only park option for Braden.  However, there really wasn’t much to do there.  There were a few swings, but not a whole lot else.  It saddened me.  There has to be a way to make a playground more fun for a child with special needs.  Braden didn’t like the park, and so we headed to the local one here in Athens.  We run on “leg time” over here.  We had about fifteen minutes of good legs left in the little man, and then we had to leave.  His legs began to fail him, and that meant he was tired.  We love the park in our town, but have to admit that it needs some help.  It only has one infant swing, for heaven’s sake!  Why can’t they switch out one of the regular swings and put up one for children with physical needs?  *sigh*  At some point, I will have to do something about this.

Allow me to say this though.  If there is by some miracle equipment at your playground designed for children with physical needs and your child isn’t differently abled, please keep them off of it.  They are not there to amuse kids who are obviously far too old for them, not in need of them, or to in general mess around with.  They are there for those who need them.  Rest assured, the kids that need them wish they could use the other equipment.  The odds of getting the equipment replaced if they are destroyed is slim, and to watch teens and older kids squeeze into swings the wrong size, to mess around on the swing designed for wheelchair bound kids, etc. was enough to cause me to simmer with anger.  As a parent, get up and ask your children to use other equipment.  C’mon…please.

We get portraits taken this week, and we are headed to the tree lighting on Friday night.  Should be a really great week!


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