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For the love of tissues!

It has been about ten weeks of wiping Braden’s face.  He has had a cold continuously for ten weeks now.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!  Now that’s some serious tissues!  We’ve tried three antibiotics, herbals, etc.  No luck in kicking this thing.  It’s really starting to concern me. Now, we have a new symptom…coughing.  It’s persistent, and so we decided to stay in today.  It’s really really cold out there.

Yesterday we took a short trip out to our local outdoor mall, and that didn’t turn out so well.  We got stuck in the elevator for about 15 minutes, and security had to come and rescue us.  Unfortunately, the elevator wasn’t heated, and therefore Braden was outside for longer than intended.  I’m wondering if our extra time outside in the snow and cold contributed to the new coughing.  *sigh* I called the pediatrician today to see what he wants to do next.  Contacting my fellow A-T parents to see if they have been in a similar situation before.

We are doing well with his new glasses.  He asks to put them on, and he will wear them for long stretches before asking for a break.  I’m confident that we have the correct prescription now. 

Looking forward to Braden’s preschool Christmas show this Thursday.  Pictures and perhaps video to follow!


Comments on: "For the love of tissues!" (2)

  1. Sharon Carswell said:

    Looking forward to some pictures of his Christmas play

  2. would love to see a video of your little guy in his christmas play. Am so glad his glasses are making life a little easier for him, tho his cold and now cough sound awful, huge hugs to all of you. hoping this comment gets through so much I want to say if it does xoxox.

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