Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

The Gift

I could hear faint crying from somewhere in the distance.  It grew louder and louder drawing me further and further out of a deep sleep.  Then like a shot of adrenaline she shouts, “Mom!” Just like that Christmas day began.  Justin and I fumbled out of bed, stepping on a toy in the process and wondering just what time Genevieve had decided to wake us up at.  After remembering that we were at my parents’ house, we quickly gained our bearings and gathered our little munchkin. 

 I texted my parents who were sleeping with Braden in their room, knowing they wouldn’t want to miss seeing her face when she saw that Santa had arrived.  Braden had a rough night, and so we stalled Eve for about an hour before we turned her loose.  Nothing is as magical as seeing a child’s face on Christmas, except when that child is yours and you spent years upon years trying so very hard to have them.  The children were far more impressed by the snow outside, and that made me smile from ear to ear.  That was a gift in itself.

My emotions ran away from me on Christmas.  Perhaps it was the music, Braden whispering he loved me, or watching Eve push around a baby stroller.  It was a fine cocktail of emotions.  For years we never thought we would get to have children of our own.  Every year when my parents’ would ask for our Christmas wish list, a baby was at the top.  There I sat on Christmas with not one, but two amazing miracles.  My heart wanted to explode.  Of course, we treat each day as if it could very well be Braden’s last.  What will 2011 bring?  The unknown is scary at best, and the thought of ever having  a Christmas without him terrifies me.   Thankfully with a three-year old and one year old, there was no time to dwell on such things!  It just made the day all the more special and added reason to celebrate.  We were together and happy.

I put up some pictures at the top of this site.  Feel free to click on it.  Of course, Facebook friends know that I took over 400 pictures, and there were about 80 posted there.  I know, I know.  Crazy smitten in love with my kids.  Guilty as charged!


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