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Thank You

Ice cream, smoothies, fries for breakfast, tossing rocks into the ocean, water slides, boat rides, and more fun than we thought possible.  We soaked up every ounce of happiness we could find while on vacation.  We will be eternally thankful to a woman named Renise for helping us make it through the week. 

We held the children’s hands and walked up to the kids’ camp.  The thought was that they would enjoy some play time while we adults recharged our batteries at breakfast before water slides and sand castle building time.  However, that simply did not happen.  Braden screamed at a level of loud that I have never heard before.  This got Eve screaming.  It was a disaster.  So, we pulled the kids aside and talked for a moment.  “Mommy, the kids no like me.  I talk and I talk, and they no hear me.  They no like me.” 


The fact is that the other children couldn’t understand what he was saying.  Braden made solid attempts at being social and making friends, but instead they were left scratching their heads wondering what he was saying.  I know that feeling.  It’s all to easy to misunderstand what he is trying to say.  Talking is a complicated task.  It takes coordination of muscles, lungs, and thinking.  It’s often hard to understand what Braden is saying, but it doesn’t make the fact any easier to stomach when you have to hear it from your three-year old.  Even worse, was there was no way I could fix that.

So, enter Renise.  She was the nanny who watched the kids twice a day at breakfast and dinner time.  She made it look easy, and went above and beyond the call of duty.  She snuggled, hugged, kissed, rocked, soothed, fed, dressed, bathed, and helped us more than you can imagine.  Simply put, she was amazing.  Braden and Eve adored her, and were more than happy to spend time with her. 

Meal times are notoriously difficult for us.  I have said that time and time again here.  Braden has a poor relationship with food.  Not to mention, he is three and his sister is one.  They would never have survived an hour-long breakfast and two-hour leisurely dinners.  We were so thankful for Renise, who stepped into our shoes during those times.  As it turns out, she watched me when I was little and went to that same resort.  What an amazing twist of fate.  She has two children herself.  Her oldest is now grown, and she has a three-year old as well.  She understands children in such an amazing way, and the kids bonded with her.

She will never get to read this as she doesn’t have a computer, but in the off-chance she does… Thank you Renise for your hard work.  You are amazing, sweet, and above all kind.  I can only hope we get to meet again. 

Another thank you to the amazing pilot on American Airlines who let Braden sit in his seat and wear his hat.  It was a memory we will not soon forget! 

More stories soon, and if we are friends on Facebook there are nine million pictures up there.  I will put some up on the top tab soon!


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