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Symptom Watching

Chasing around two children all day every day leaves you a bit frazzled at times.  What did Braden eat for breakfast?  Umm…was that before or after he got his hands on his sister’s birthday cupcake and decided to eat it and in the process creating a blue frosting nightmare?  I’m not really sure.  I picked up a small date book to keep track of what is going on health wise with him.  He has an immunology appointment in April.  I don’t want to tell them he has a runny nose all the time, and it’s only two days a week.  However, much to my surprise, the symptoms are worse than I thought. Perhaps, I am so used to the runny nose and constant sinusitis that I simply overlook it now.   So, at least I will go with accurate information now.

In other news, we received a letter stating that the Make-A-Wish volunteers will be contacting us within a week or so to set up a time to talk with Braden about his wish!  It’s nice to have something positive to focus on, since this has been a scary breathing week.  We think the time has come to ask for a referral to a pulmonologist.  We really really need to get an immunologist, pulmonologist, and gastroenterologist together for a round table discussion about getting Braden’s fundoplication surgery completed.  His acid reflux is insane.  I guess I have more than a few phone calls to make this afternoon.

On a happy note, we get to play outside after naps in this gorgeous Alabama weather!


Comments on: "Symptom Watching" (3)

  1. I can’t even begin to say what a positive opinion I have about Make-A-Wish…they granted a wish for my best friend in high school. Wow. First-class people!

    I think writing down symptoms and food intake, triggers, exercise, and other observations is a good idea. I bet you could find some sort of app on a smart phone? That way it’d be discreet, and you could always write more in-depth about it later (so Braden wasn’t thinking, oh no, there goes my Mom scribing my every move again, sort of thing). Just an idea.

  2. Can you share what his wish is?

  3. I hope the fundo works for Braden. My oldest has a hiatal hernia and his gastroenterologist said there are mixed reviews on the success, and he recommended that my son not have the surgery. I am glad that you are so well informed and are certainly not hesitant to ask questions 🙂

    I hope Braden’s wish is outstanding!!

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