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We’ve been asked what Braden’s wishes are for Make-A-Wish.  It’s important to note that he came up with the wishes himself, thanks especially to the power of YouTube.  So, here goes!

1.  Take a train to Mickey’s boat.  Ride on Mickey’s boat, the one with the water slide (The Dream,) and then fly home on an airplane.

2.  Fly on an airplane to Thomas Land (in England) and ride on a steam engine there.

3.  Ride on the Bullet Train (Japan.)

4.  Go to the Australia Zoo and meet Bindi the Jungle Girl, and ride on a steam engine there.

5.  Go to all of Minnie’s houses.

There were no things that he wished to have.  He did say things that were cute like a new movie or a small Thomas train.  However, nothing of Make-A-Wish magnitude.  It appears that Braden loves to travel!  It took us about two months to get five things that he wanted.  We occasionally ask him, “Braden if you could go anywhere/have anything….” These are the only answers that we have gotten out of him other than  pointing out an rv on the road a few times. However, you can’t wish for vehicles. 

So, we aren’t sure what exactly Braden will say next weekend.  He’s also suggested we get to visit Chuggington, but umm….that place doesn’t exist.  So, it should prove to be interesting.  Hang on let me ask him now….

The answer today is Mickey’s Boat to Minnie’s house.  Interesting.  I wonder if he thinks Mickey and Minnie are married or just dating.  Have to love the little guy!


Comments on: "Wishing" (3)

  1. As long as Mickey isn’t spending the night at Minnies…..Walt would not like that at all. 🙂

    How many houses does Minnie have??

  2. Florida, California, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong, and I think Shanghai. 🙂

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