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Boy’s Best Friend

We have a stray resident in our home.  She’s adorable and sweet, and has yet to chew, bark, or get into anything she is not supposed to.  At the moment Braden has fallen asleep on the couch.  He was laying on his belly quietly petting the puppy on the floor.  Then, somehow both of them fell asleep.  Quite a sweet and tender moment.  Braden has affectionately named her Choo Choo. 

C.C. has spent the entire day trailing Braden around the house.  Typically dogs prefer Genevieve (Braden’s little sister who is two,) but this dog is all about Braden.  Braden in turn dotes on the dog.  I think there is quite the budding friendship there.  Today I was told, “This is the life!”  I was also reminded that I am “the best mommy in the whole wide world!”


Comments on: "Boy’s Best Friend" (3)

  1. So Choo Choo gets to stay??

  2. “This is the life!”

    The things that come out of little kids’ mouths. I love it!

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