Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


Not once but twice today Braden has walked into the corner of the kitchen counter.  At first I thought it was the result of a growth spurt and he just didn’t know how tall he is now.  That was until a few minutes ago I watched him round the corner and stumble into the counter.  As he was trying to turn, he would lose his balance and fall into the counter.  He has a small gash in his forehead now.  However, the physical wound was much smaller than his emotional one.  He buried his face in my shirt, and when the crying stopped I pulled him forward.  He threw his hands over his eyes in what appeared to be embarrassment. 

Me:  “Are you ok Braden?”

Braden:  shakes his head no.

Me:  “What’s wrong?”

Braden:  “No wobbly!”  Throws his arms around himself in a protective measure. 


I feel as if I can’t protect him from A-T on any front.  Dang you A-T!


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  1. Oh the sweetness…

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