Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Look at the top of this page at the list of pages, and you will see that Braden has his own store now! We have tried to find a local art gallery to display Braden’s works, to perhaps even sell them to help with the his medical needs, bucket list, and to fund A-T research. Sadly, we were turned down by each of them I asked. I will keep asking the last few galleries here in town. We never give up!  If you are interested in a painting please feel free to email me. We will donate $10 from each painting to the A-T Children’s Project to help fund research. The remaining balance will go towards medical needs and Braden’s bucket list. If you have an item to donate, please email me! We accept Pay Pal and personal checks. My email address is  Email me for our address.

Have a wonderful day! We are off to the park today!

Ready to Paint!

Ready to Paint!

Our Artist

Our Artist


Comments on: "Look! Braden has his own store now!" (1)

  1. I’d recommend some of the cute restaurants and shops on the town square. Surely one of them could make a little space for some of his artwork!

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