Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


When things get crazy, we have an amazing team assembled to handle what’s going on. While we would be so thankful to have a Team Braden, we are even more lucky to have a Team Winks. Our family and friends don’t just rally to help our little man, but his sister and parents too. Thank you for watching Eve today Mom. Thank you Sherry for helping with Braden today when we both really needed you.

Last night an exhausted Braden declared he was ready for bed at six pm. This isn’t too unusual. His A-T is exhausting. Although he typically asks to go to bed at seven. When I went to kiss his sweet forehead goodnight, it was sizzling hot. Without much fanfare, we simply gave him some Tylenol and then made a note to check his temp periodically throughout the night. No worries there, the child was an oven all night long.  It was hard to miss. The writing was on the wall for the next day’s plans.

Braden was having pain in his tummy and combined with his high fever, we were sent off to the hospital. We decided to go to the urgent care center that is affiliated with the hospital. If he then had to go to the main hospital, we could skip the emergency room.  We didn’t want to expose him to all the possible infections found in the ER.  He tested positive for the flu.  Getting him Tamiflu was made easier by the sweet pharmacist at Publix, who sent us over to the neighboring pharmacy who could get us what we needed.  Unfortunately, I had to carry Braden cradled in my arms out of Publix.  He was hot, sick, whimpering, and in no shape to go even next door to the pharmacy.  He was loopy by the time we made it to the car.  I had just given him some Motrin inside the store.  I phoned Sherry, who is a sister to me now, and asked her to come and sit with Braden while I ran in.  She lives only a minute from where I was, and she was there so fast!  (Side note:  Sherry got to hold our son before we did!  She loved on him while he was a newborn in the hospital, and continues to love him and our daughter and is an important part of both our children’s and my life.)  After hugging Sherry in great thanks, I silently hoped our day would end better than it started.

Braden’s temperature spiked to 104.5 a short while ago, and like a well-trained army we began to do our thing.  Justin went to run a bath.  I called the pediatrician.  Braden continued to sleep blissfully unaware.  He wailed and cried tears of sheer pain when we set him in the tub.  The fever needed to come down.  My heart weeped with him.  How I wish I could fix so much for him.  I felt powerless and overwhelmed.  Yet, we persisted.  His fever subsided, and he’s now resting with a temperature of 102.5.  Only time will tell what tonight holds.  We will update you tomorrow.  Send loving thoughts our way.


Comments on: "TeamWinks" (4)

  1. I sure am. I wish I could help.

  2. Only wish I could do more:(

  3. Wishing you all a restful night. Prayers to you all.

  4. Thinking if your team, and sending vibes for reserves of strength and patience to be sent your way.

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