Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

The wrong parking garage.  The wrong hospital.  It wasn’t panic.  It wasn’t exactly anxiety.  It was rapid, hurried, need to get there on time.  The weather was beautiful, and we walked briskly towards the children’s hospital.  There was so much construction.  We turned to go around the corner, and a nice gentleman asked if we were headed to the children’s hospital. We must have looked hurried, because he sent us on a short cut.  In such a rush, there was little time to think.  We cut through the correct parking garage and the right hospital, and as instructed, went through the “exit only” door.  Next thing we knew, we were at the immunology department.

After a long wait, we got to meet with the very kind and knowledgeable immunologist.  We went over the results from Hopkins from a year ago.  We got to truly understand just what was going on with our little guy.  We discussed our next steps, and we were left feeling as if we had a plan in place.  Then, Braden had an allergy test.  Turns out he’s not allergic to your standard allergens, and so allergies are not to blame for his chronic sinusitis.  Next step to deal with it is to see an ENT to look for structural issues.

Next up, we go back in six months to check his t-cell counts.  They are currently 44% below where they should be. We are going to perform a test of sorts to see how Braden’s body reacts to his immunizations.  I won’t say we were reassured by what we had to hear, but we definitely felt as if we were at least doing something proactive.

Next up pulmonolgy next month.


Comments on: "Immunology Appointment Recap" (2)

  1. Exhale. (and maybe find a fruity umbrella drink somewhere 😉

  2. Thank goodness for shortcuts and kind people who give directions. I’m glad to hear that you have a plan in place, since that’s been heavily weighing on your mind.

    Wish I could mail a glass of the wine we had tonight. . . . incidentally it’s a 2008 Justin cabernet sauvignon!

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