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Kentucky Trip & More

We’ve been a busy family lately. We just got back from a trip to the Louisville Zoo, Lexington’s Imaginarium, and a visit with the Hardin family in Kentucky. We did encounter some nasty weather during our trip, but we had a wonderful time! For those who don’t know, the Hardins are an amazingly generous, fun, and sweet family of four in Kentucky who also happen to have two gorgeous children who also have A-T. 

Braden’s fourth birthday is rapidly approaching, and he’s very excited about it. To be honest, I would be more than happy to freeze time and have him stay three. Thankfully he’s a super sweet cuddle bug, and I hope that he will always have hugs for his mom. As his birthday is on his mind, he’s now started to ask about the day he was born. While we have told him in the past about his birth, the day we brought him home, and his adoption day, this is the first time he actually seems to understand what we are talking about. So, we’ve had some really fun conversations lately. I’m not being sarcastic at all. The conversations truly have been so sweet.

Today Braden took 3.5 hours of nap time. That’s one super tired kid. He woke up with a 102.3 degree fever. I shamelessly have to admit I swore lightly under my breath. It was only yesterday that a very close friend asked about Braden’s health. I told her that it was great, and we are happy to have the flu behind us. “Mark it on the calendar!” she said. Sure enough, she was right. Dang. Here’s to hoping he kicks whatever is going on quickly and easily. Will keep you posted.


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