Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


Since the severe weather in our area, Braden’s school had been closed. So, for about a week/week and a half, he was out. During that time we saw a drastic increase in his health. Amazing increase! So, we have been really enjoying this time. The only symptom of his condition to not improve is his endurance/energy levels and of course his reflux. He still needs to nap to make it happily through the day with any sort of energy.

Today we had his Make-A-Wish meeting with his local wish coordinators, and we loved them! Unfortunately it was on the lower end of energy levels for Braden. So, he started off really well, but by the end slipped into a pattern where he repeated himself over and over again. It’s what happens when he’s super tired, and there is no emotional or physical strength for him to come up with anything else. He was sound asleep within five minutes of them walking out the door. Poor kid! He was exhausted and super excited all at the same time! I think he made himself abundantly clear that he wants to go to Thomas Land

Next up in doctor’s appointments is a pediatric gastro appointment on the 24th of this month.  Hopefully we can get some answers regarding his severe acid reflux, and some other gastro issues.  Next appointments after that are pulmonology and urology on the 2nd of June. 

We are looking forward to enjoying our summer, and have no large plans in our near future.  It will just be us being us.  Not a bad thing to be!


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  1. Glad for the good!!!

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