Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

He’s a Fighter

Braden has been battling some unknown intruder within himself.  His body was quick to go on the offense , and things heated up.  His fever spiked to 104.3.  The poor child looked downright miserable.  He gave me a lopsided little grin when I asked him if a popsicle would help.  He shook his head and slyly responded with, “Ice cream will!”  Ice cream it was!  The invading virus has parted now.  It was just a few days of worrying and long nights of dosing him with Tylenol and Motrin.  Now he’s back to his happy self, and we are all quite thankful for that!

We recently went for Braden’s well child visit, but unfortunately I brought in our favorite doctor a sick kid.  So, we skipped the immunizations and the Denver screening.  However, I have the paper and read it over the other day.  I couldn’t help but realize how differently I view things now.  I no longer worry whether he is exactly where he should be, how he measures up, or if everything is just like every other child.  This attitude carries over to Genevieve as well.  To be honest, it’s a bit liberating.  It’s amazing how the fine and gross motor skills questions would plunk Braden down at a lower age developmentally.  However, if you remove those questions due to his A-T, he scores quite further ahead of his age.  You see, it’s neither here nor there.  I know I have a witty, sweet, and charming little man.  We strive to enrich the children’s lives with meaningful and fun experiences, not to get them into Harvard by the time they are twelve, but because we want them to appreciate this giant spinning thing we live on and those who do so with us.  Could this be the very very very small silver lining of living with a terminal condition?  Perhaps.



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