Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

There is never a dull moment.

I have cancelled a very invasive procedure that would help us to better understand whether Braden’s bowel incontinence is due to underlying neurological conditions or due to his colon being enlarged due to years of chronic constipation.  The fact is that the answers won’t help us terribly either way.  It would be a really really hard test on Braden, and the results won’t give us much more than answers.  So, I canceled the appointment and felt such a relief.  We will figure this out a low tech way.  We’ve cut back his doses of stool softener and allowed him to lean on the constipated side.  We’ve had fewer accidents, and his pride has been buoyed.  He told us he would rather have to push hard than be stinky.  I honestly believe that he should get to have some say in his medical care.

School has started and that means back to chronic sinus infections.  This time not only Braden, but the rest of us got to enjoy them as well!  I will say that this year he is much more eager to head off to school.  This makes me smile.  Here’s to hoping he can stay healthy enough to get to go without too much interruption.  We shall see.

We have no plans of note from here through the new year except trick or treating at the Nashville Zoo, so the kids’ Papa can watch them in their costumes.  He has to work on Halloween.  Thanks to a donation, we get to ride on the Polar Express in Chattanooga, TN.  Braden is so excited about this! He asks to look at his ticket almost daily!  So, life here is moving along.  We are thankful for each day we get to spend with him healthy and are doing our best to not look past today.  It also helps to not have any doctor’s visits for a few weeks!



Comments on: "There is never a dull moment." (3)

  1. You’re a good mommy. There’s a polar express experience during Christmas at Sea World too

  2. I love that you are letting Braden have some say in his health. You know facts, but he knows feelings. A perfect blend of the two is awesome. You are very very smart 🙂

    My boys were speechless during our Polar Express ride many years ago. We are fortunate enough to have a train that runs through a very large county park that is decorated “exactly” like the North Pole. Elves were lined up along way to the village waving as we went by. It was amazing. You will all love it 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you decided to cancel that appt. Our babies go through more than their fair share. And we did the Polar Express several times while we lived in AZ & all of our kids have always LOVED it! I can’t wait to hear how Braden liked it! Sending ❤ & hugs!!

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