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How is it that we manage to get lost every time we drive the hour and a half down to the children’s hospital?  We manage to park in the wrong garage, enter the wrong building, etc.  Typically we make it just in time for our appointment.  That means we don’t lose our appointment or chip into that two-hour wait to get into it.  We truly like our immunologist, and we feel that his care is excellent.  I never feel as if my time is wasted and our last appointment was no exception.

Braden received his flu shot and did an immunization challenge test with the pneumonia vaccine.  We’ll go back in a few weeks to test how well his body created antibodies to the immunization.  It seems so light and easy to say, but it involved telling him he was going to get shots.  His small face crinkles up and big tears begin to fall.  He then starts begging you to not make him get them.  Finally, it will take two people to hold him down as they are given to him.  Our heart breaks just a bit, but we know if he is to get any of the conditions we are immunizing him against, it could spell the end.  It only got worse when he had to get blood drawn.  We needed to check his blood and t-cell counts.  Unfortunately, I nearly passed out the last time I attempted to sit with him while he had blood drawn.  So, my mother stepped in for me.  Waiting in the lobby pacing back and forth while listening to my child scream, “I’ll be good!”, “No!”, “Ouchie!”, is torturous.  I fight to hold back tears.  It will not do him any favors to have his mommy looking like a mess when he leaves the small room only feet away from me.  It doesn’t stop me from sweating though.  His vein gave out, and it took a second poke on the other arm to complete the draw.  Hospital visits are tough on all of us.  So, for now we wait on results.  We’ll go back next month to figure out our plan of action.

The day wasn’t a total bust though.  We took Braden to the mall for some spoiling that he rightfully earned.  He got an orange Godiva chocolate ghost.  How cute  he was as he said that he didn’t eat it and should get another one all the while sporting an orange chocolate ring around his mouth!  He slurped up noodles and ate his sesame chicken with a toothpick, since that’s how it’s done.  He grinned from ear to ear as he got to ride not once but twice on the train.  The way his lopsided grin and frantic wave at me made my heart leap was priceless to me.  My love for him knows no limits.  I am the luckiest woman ever to have two (almost three) beautiful children.

We took the children trick or treating at the zoo the other day.  It was so much fun to watch our daughter make silly monkey sounds in her monkey costume.  It made us laugh to see Braden checking his train schedule all dressed up as a train engineer.  How beautiful it is to watch them full of excitement!  We had a wonderful time, but I still couldn’t help but feel a bit frustrated that one of the volunteers simply had to make such a thoughtless comment.  She looked down at Braden in his medical stroller and said, “Wow, he’s working real hard for it.”  A part of me wanted to yell and scream at her.  How can people not think and speak so carelessly?  It hurt me to my core, but it wasn’t her words that hurt.  It was the fact that my child has to work hard all the time.  He doesn’t get easy passes.  He wasn’t capable of walking the zoo to each candy station.  It was the reality that hurt most, and her words were simply salt in an already very deep and raw wound.  Please think people.  Please.  I let it go, and we continued to laugh and enjoy every minute of what we got to experience of a beautiful day

Trick or Treat


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  1. That’s why you need to come to Disney… because we know how to take care of people and don’t speak to (or think of) guests that way.

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