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Immunology Results

Ok, so this holiday season has kept me so busy that I have been slow in updating here! Braden did have his follow-up immunology appointment on the 19th. The results showed that his t-cell counts were at 500. That’s less than half of what he is supposed to have according to his immunologist. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the appointment since I’m as big as a house about to have our last miracle tomorrow. His red blood cell counts were also quite low. The plan is to run repeated blood draws to establish a trend. Can you hear my heart breaking from over there? Nothing tears me up quite as badly as Braden having blood drawn. He begs that he’ll be good, cries, and clings to you when he hears that they will be taking more blood. Last trip it was six tubes. He goes again in six months for more. That feels like an eternity, and Braden needs the break from our near monthly trips to the children’s hospital. We have no appointments for some time now! Excellent news! Ok, back to immunology, because you know, it’s such an entertaining and fun topic of discussion and all.

Braden appears to be IgA deficient, but not deficient in his other immunoglobulins. However, that was only from two blood draws. We need to see how things play out over a period of time. If he continues to be only IgA deficient, then he will most likely not be an IVIG treatment candidate. We’ll have to see. So, there was not much really to report other than we need to continue gathering our data set. In the mean time, we’ll enjoy some time away from the hospital, and hopefully stay as healthy as he can. Of course being in school at the moment means near constant sinus infections. Blech.

Braden’s communication device arrived!  Whooo hoo! Now if I only knew how to use it! We plan on getting some training after we’ve had time to adjust to the arrival of Braden’s youngest sister.

So, things are going pretty well over here right now. We are just doing our best to prepare for Piper’s arrival, enjoy the holidays, and each other! Wishing you health, love, and laughter this upcoming year. Thanks for riding along with us!


Comments on: "Immunology Results" (3)

  1. So glad you updated-I’ve been wondering how things were going. Merry christmas to you guys and yay for baby Piper’s upcoming arrival!!!!

  2. Tracey Sherrill said:

    I love y’all Becky! I hope all went well with Piper’s birth and that you guys have a HEALTHY, and Happy, Happy New Year!

  3. We wish you the same. 🙂

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