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Transition Time

The days are ticking by, and in just a few short weeks Braden will be turning five. Today we registered him for kindergarten. I walked in with confidence, but no sooner did I explain A-T for the first time and my eyes started watering. I am not exactly sure why it made me so emotional at that exact moment. I held it together though and repeated the experience several more times. It was not an easy experience, but it was very evident who was going to be a wonderful fit with him next year. I spent some time prior reading through the entire A-T parent handbook. It’s so much to take in, and I felt so deflated afterwards. We have such a big battle ahead of us. To say that I’m not scared terrified would be a lie. It’s hard to believe we will be transitioning from his amazing preschool program to kindergarten. As a family, we are nervous, excited, and hoping for the best. Tonight we head in and let Braden meet the teachers. Please let this be a positive experience that leaves us a bit less apprehensive.


Comments on: "Transition Time" (1)

  1. Tracey Sherrill said:

    I hope meeting the teachers went well. Prayers going up for a great kindergarten year!

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