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I quietly brought my head down to kiss the soft curls that blanket Braden’s head. I took in his smell and couldn’t help but smile. My sweet little boy lay there rhythmically breathing in quiet slumber. It amazes me that he can possibly be even sweeter asleep than he is awake. My little Prince Charming was only two minutes into his fifth birthday, and I could hardly believe that so much time had passed. I did my best to not think ahead at all the uncertainty that is to come, but rather to take emotional stock of how beautiful it has been.

Braden became our son at five weeks old. Our heart exploded the minute we laid eyes on him. Here he is just five weeks old and all of eight pounds.

Our First Family Photo

We were on cloud nine, and still feel extremely fortunate for such a gift! So, in honor of Braden’s fifth birthday, here is a brief trip down memory lane!

We love you Braden with all we have!


Comments on: "Five" (3)

  1. Aunt Kathy said:

    I love you too.

  2. Cindy Luttrell said:

    Hope your birthday was great Braden. I love you too, you are a beautiful person inside and out.. – Aunt Cindy

  3. Happy Birthday Big Guy!

    Man, that last photo is still my favorite picture EVER of him. Soooo much personality!

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