Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

A Thank You

Dear Braden,

The other day you informed me that you know that I love you. “Oh really?” I prodded. “Mmhmm, because I made you a mommy!” he declared. Oh sweet angel, how very smart you are. Our hearts were so broken before we met you. Years of suffering through infertility had really taken their toll. Month after month we tried but were left with nothing to show for all of our efforts. We remember and talk to you about it all the time, the day that we went and picked you up. The day your became our son was the best day of our lives. You helped make us whole again. I don’t regret for one second how you came into our life. Your story is beautiful. We found each other, and we were meant to be together as a family.

I love you Braden. I am so thankful that you know how loved you are. May you never doubt your worth in this world. Always remember that you are a miracle, our miracle, and that you are never alone. So, as we near Mother’s Day, know that I am so extremely thankful to be your mom. I wish all those struggling to expand their families the same happiness that we share. I love you little man!

Yours always,



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