Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

Turning a Corner

After diagnosis, we could hardly imagine what our future may look like. How could we possibly fathom something that was so enormous? Admittedly, we still have no clue what our future holds but none of us truly do. I know that every day I will look my son in the eyes and tell him how important he is to me and how very loved he is. I know that he will face challenges that most will never even have to consider. What I know most of all now is that I don’t need to see around every corner to know exactly what comes next. I already know the terrain is rough, the mountains high, and the journey breathtaking. In essence, I have turned a corner.

Five seems to be a really tough age for Braden, as it is for most children with A-T. So, we know that we just have to think outside of the box and be prepared for a new form of endurance training. Instead of mourning all that he cannot do, which was a very necessary part of grieving, we now get to focus on how we can make things happen. With every challenge that we face, we must find that spirit, that drive to give our best to our children, and use it to its fullest potential. My child may be different and do things in a different way, but he is just like every other child his age. He has dreams! He has goals! He craves attention, respect, and love! As his mother, I want to help achieve all that he can. Sure, he may have to do things differently, but there in lies the challenge.

We are now ready to embark on the grand adventure of kindergarten! My sweet boy is off to elementary school. While many parents may be saddened by such a milestone, I am ready. I am ready for him to be challenged, to learn, to explore, to create, and to hopefully make friends. While I may not be there by his side to help him day in and day out, it is good for him to know that there are other people he can depend upon. I will be here making sure he has all the tools a child may need to be his best. Sure this means extra physical therapy, calls into the immunologist, emails to the neurologist, and continual communication with all on Team Winks, but we will do this together. Together we are stronger, and to be honest we need all the strength, love, and support we can get!


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