Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!


Today I am driving three hours round trip to take Braden for a vision appointment. We will watch a movie, ok he will watch a movie while I listen to it. He will sigh about twenty minutes into it, and I will know the conversation is about to happen. “Mommy, why do I have to go to Birmingham AGAIN?” he will ask. I will then take a deep breath and say for the hundredth time, “Because it is where your doctors are Sweetie.” I try to keep it as simple as that. “Well, it’s not fun to go this far for THAT!” he will say crossing his arms defiantly across his chest. Oh how I agree my sweet boy. You are right. Today is an easy appointment. There will be no blood draws, no scans, no ultrasounds, no shots, no poking or prodding really. Yet, lately Braden has been asking hard questions. So, the drive is what I fear the most. There are no other adults with me to buffer the conversation in a new direction. My child takes right after his mom in his ability to ask that pointed and direct question. It will be my turn in the hot seat for three hours today. I wish he could be distracted easily!

More if I could, but I hear my name being paged by Braden after some coughing. That means I have vomit duty. Comes with the territory of having A-T.

Hug somebody you love today, tell them you love them, and be thankful for another day. Life is a gift and not a given.

*Not proofread. See the word vomit above.


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