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We spent the past few days aboard Disney’s Dream cruise ship. What an amazing experience! The moment you step aboard you are swept up in the magic that only Disney can create. The marble floors, the elegance, the grand scale, the announcement of your family’s name and clapping by rows of crew members to celebrate  your arrival, it all surrounds you in happiness. The trip was gifted to us and what a gift it was! The gift of simply watching my children be children. To see their faces light up when they saw Mickey or Minnie, to see them laugh at Pluto during Pluto’s Pajama Party, to hear them tell how they made cookies or were toy soldiers was priceless!

While the Aquaduck is not handicap accessible, something that we even pointed out to the captain, we were allowed to be the first family each morning to ride it. For those who aren’t familiar, the Aquaduck is a waterslide/roller coaster on board. It is simply amazing! So, we took turns hauling Braden up the 71 stairs to the top each morning. His squeals of excitement made each step worth it! We also had an amazing experience with Mickey and the gang! We aren’t exactly sure who arranged for such an amazing private and personal meet and greet but it is a moment I will never forget. Braden was a bit stone faced at first, but then his smile swept across his face. He was so excited after they left. The entire night he was such a chatterbox! Today he said, “Mom, remember that time I got to meet Mickey, dance with Minnie, and hug Chip and Dale?” I couldn’t help but laugh as it was only a few days ago! Since there is no way to relay all of the amazingness, I will do it in pictures.


That smile says it all!


Hugging Chip & Dale


Dancing with Minnie!


Going down the waterslide together.


Tram to the beach (2 minute ride) on Castaway Key (Disney’s Private Island.)

Pirate Night!


Braden loved Pirate Night!


Even the pictures on the wall are interactive! We were searching for the lost puppies from 101 Dalmatians!


This boy loves cruising. Perhaps the gentle motion of the boat is balancing. Perhaps it is the warm breeze, palm trees, sand in your toes, and just the love of vacationing. Regardless, he can sit and watch the world drift by for hours. He loved these mock portholes.



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