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My little boy is six. When he was two my husband waved the white flag and put him in our bed. Nothing we did worked. He ended up sitting in his room for hours ignoring him, he tried slowly moving out of the room, nightlights, complete darkness, sound machine, and so much more. He needs to be in his own bed for his safety. Separating is hard. However, the sooner this room is complete the sooner I can get him to stay in his very much necessary hospital bed.

Our biggest struggle lately has been when Braden is waking up or going to bed. He coughs. Not just any cough, the cough that makes you sit and hold your breath. You watch and wait because that is all you can do. You sit back and hope that the cough subsides and he catches his breath quickly. It’s a hard way to start and finish your day. Each and every day, he gets scared. I get to pretend to not be scared. So separating him from my room will be just as hard for me as it is for him. Yet, it is a task we will work through together.

I have visions of myself pacing past his room to make sure. To make sure he is ok. To make sure he is breathing. Can we go back to age two again?


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  1. Would it help (now or when he’s in his own room) to reintroduce one of the angel monitors that goes off if he stops moving for too long?

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