Battles against terminal illness, anxiety, and life!

In This

Turning on my heel my feet slipped in the water left behind from a leaky sippy cup falling flat on my back on our kitchen floor. Typically moments like this lead to a grumble that leads to a laugh because that’s just how we roll. Today was different though. Like a catalyst, it unleashed tears that just wouldn’t stop. There they were hot, salty, and rolling down my cheeks. The emotional release valve. At that moment in wandered in our four year old, Eve.

Evie came in an wrapped her slender arms around my neck and said, “It’s ok Mom. I am right here. Shhhh.” She assumed the fall had elicited the tears. Just as when you argue with your husband about leaving his socks on the floor, it’s often not the real reason behind the rebuke. I’ve had to talk a lot about A-T in the past few weeks and months. Perhaps watching the awful tornado coverage from Oklahoma and the loss so many other parents are experiencing upped my emotional response. I guess that emotion just needed to go somewhere. So, I let my sweet little girl hug away her mommy’s tears. We are all “in this” together. One day I will be there with a truck load of tissues for her. In the mean time, I am thankful that she can see that her mother can be vulnerable yet still strong.

There is something about a terminal condition that brings people together. We are in the same ship. We are all a part of this plot despite playing different roles. Today my spitfire Eve was my little hero.

In other news, we are making great progress on lining up supplies and labor for Braden’s new handicap accessible bedroom and bathroom. We have all been working tirelessly towards making this a reality. Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped!

We are going to fulfill another one of Braden’s bucket list items by heading to Nashville for a concert! More details as those unfold. We also enjoyed horseback riding a few weeks ago at Victory Alliance Ranch!


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  1. Claudia said:

    Just checking up on you. How are you feeling?

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